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Culinary journey around the world Culinary journey

12th january until 28th february 2024 Swiss hash browns specialities

Delicious hash browns specialities for every taste. In addition to classics such as the Berner or the one with Zurich veal strips.  For our vegetarians we have our fine Hash browns with vegetables from Seeland.

29th february until 24th april 2024 Escalope festival

From Swiss Cordon Bleu to Italian Cordon Bleu and Escalope chasseur; there is definitely something for every taste. Choose to which part of the world you would like to be taken.

25th april until 13th june 2024 Culinary dreams of the South Seas

Fine sandy beach, palm trees, turquoise water, sun... and the right food to match. We are happy to spoil you with our exotic dishes from our south sea menu. For example, how about a "Talofa Maui" Piquant beef fillet tips in a red curry sauce with coconut milk, grilled pineapple and rice?

13th june until 04th september 2024 Swiss summer hits

On hot summer days, our light dishes like a fitness plate or a Greek salad turn out to be just right for you. On our summer menu you will also find delightfully refreshing white wines. Perfect to round off a warm summer evening.

05th september until 06th november 2024 Wildlife specialities from europe

Who doesn't love them, the classic wildlife dishes in autumn? When the days are getting shorter and colder again, it's the perfect time to treat yourself to a hearty meal again. You can hardly say no to a fine venison escalope with homemade spaetzle and the well-known venison side dishes, can you?

07th november until 05th january 2025 Our recommendation

Who wants to try our delicious homemade meatloaf in grandmother's style?