Tropical Restaurant

Rondell romantic dinner

Warm candlelight - sweet nothings - restrained passion - dine - enjoy - live for the moment, and explore sensuality as a couple.

Surprise your sweetheart with a Rondell romantic dinner. Together you can enjoy the romantic candlelight atmosphere enhanced by playful decorations, surrounded by the tropical plants in our restaurant. Clink glasses with a sparkling prosecco (also non-alcoholic) while enjoying delicious puff pastry appetizers. Select whatever your heart desires from our extensive love menu. The dishes are beautifully decorated and served on custom-made heart-shaped plates. You may give the three long-stemmed red roses that adorn your table to your sweetheart and take them with you. This package is for 2 people and costs CHF 45.00. You will be charged separately for the food and drinks ordered.