Tropical Restaurant

Menu selection

Menu selection is intended for banquets of 10 or more people. Limit yourself to one menu. We can meet vegetarian and other special requirements on a case-by-case basis. Please inform us of any allergies, because we are very flexible and can accommodate your requests. For children we recommend half portions or selecting from our children's menu on the day. Second helpings are included in all menus except for the 3-fillet menu.

Cancellation policy

Cancellations for banquets of 10 or more people must in any case be made in writing and will be reconfirmed by us immediately. Oral cancellations are invalid. In the event of cancellations up to 7 days before the event, organisers will not incur any costs. As compensation for the resulting inconvenience for cancellations up to 3 days before the event, 30% is charged. In the event of a no-show, 60% will be charged.

Number of people

Please notify us of any changes to the number of people at an early stage. Please inform us no later than two days before your event of the exact number of people attending. The exact number is binding for us and will be charged to you as the minimum number of people registered, even if fewer people attend. In case of a higher number of attendees, the actual number of the people attending will apply.

Seestube Neu

Banquets and barbecues on the little forest lake

We host banquets and barbecue parties with waiter or buffet service on Lake Waldsee for 30 or more adults.

Upholstered chairs for the conservatory

We would be happy to replace the plastic chairs in the conservatory with grey upholstered ones. We charge a fee of CHF 3.00 per person for this service.

Regio Spez Bison

Your menu served as a buffet

We serve buffets to groups of 25 adults or more. You can enjoy the buffet breakfast or brunch for a maximum of two hours.

Zapfengeld für mitgebrachte Flaschen

  • Wine/Prosecco: CHF 35.00
  • Champagne:: CHF 40.00

Bring a cake with you

Feel free to bring a cake with you. We would be only to pleased to present it to you, cut it at the table and serve it to you. For the service, the dishes and the associated cleaning costs, we charge a fee of CHF 2.50 per person.


For the time after the official opening hours, we impose a service charge of CHF 65.00 per 1⁄2 hour/CHF 130.00 per hour. These extensions must be announced prior to the event.

Free Wifi ergebnis


Bei Veranstaltungen ab 50 Personen wird ein Depot von 50 % verlangt, das später mit der Rechnung verrechnet wird. Rechnungen sind innert 30 Tagen ab dem Ausstellungstag zu bezahlen. Gerne können Sie den QR-Code mit der Rechnung gleich mitnehmen. Wir akzeptieren auch Maestro (EC-Direct) und Postcard. Wir akzeptieren 50 % WIR auf Konsumationen bis zu einem Maximalbetrag von CHF 2000.00 in WIR bei Banketten.


Unsere Preise verstehen sich immer inklusive MwSt.

Catering-Service oder Austauschmobiliar

Stundenansätze pro Person

  • Chef de Service / Küchenchef CHF 85.00
  • Servicemitarbeiter / Köche CHF 75.00
  • Hilfsmitarbeiter CHF 50.00

Es werden die effektiven Arbeitsstunden verrechnet, inklusive Transport, Auf- und Abbau.


  • Transportkosten CHF 30.00
  • Pro gefahrenen Kilometer CHF 1.00

Mobiliar- und Materialmiete

  • Plastikstühle CHF 3.00
  • Holzbänke 5 Personen (ohne Kissen) CHF 5.00
  • 4er-Tische CHF 10.00
  • 2er-Tische CHF 5.00
  • Holztische für 10 Personen CHF 8.00
  • Tischwäsche, Servietten, Besteck, Porzellan, Gläser und Kleinmaterial Pro Person CHF 6.00

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