Our playgrounds

Here at the Florida Hotel, you have the option of playing on the classic concrete minigolf course or on the miniature golf course. Countless championships have already taken place on both tournament courses, for example: World Championships, European Championships, Swiss Championships, Masters Tournaments, as well as many others. The classic course's most prominent feature is an original Dutch windmill.

The miniature golf

The miniature golf course will be closed from 29 February to 1 March 2024 for cleaning work. The course will be open again as usual from 2 March 2024.

This miniature golf course is especially appreciated by the young and young at heart due to the shorter lanes and the permission to walk on them during the game. It also adds variety and an element of fun to the game with different obstacles, such as loop-the-loops and a bridge. Anyone who wants to achieve a truly low score will be fascinated by it. The official course record is 18 strokes on 18 holes. Even as a recreational player, you can get six to eight more points on this course than on the minigolf course.  In the summer, this course provides slightly more shade. The pond with diverse vegetation around the edges and a beautiful statue take centre stage. The waterfall creates a relaxing ambiance with the pleasant sound of rushing water.


This is the most common type of concrete minigolf course in Switzerland. It was built in 1963 and was one of the first of its kind in this country. Our classic course's most prominent feature is an original Dutch windmill. Roses and flower beds adorn this oasis of relaxation. In summer, the protected green rose chafer is a frequent visitor. Massive bamboo adds an exotic touch. It serves as a breeding ground for native birds. The pond is home to many fish and frogs, making it a nice place for our visitors to relax.

Minigolf for disabled people & wheelchair users

Physically and mentally disabled people really enjoy playing minigolf. The entire grounds of the Florida and both minigolf courses are wheelchair accessible. You can also easily access the wheelchair accessible toilets in the restaurant. If you would like to visit our courses with a whole group of disabled people, please contact us in advance, so that we can discuss organisational issues.