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Body toning is an intensive, joint-friendly power endurance training for the whole body. Active muscle mass is built up and extra fat mass is lost. The lesson begins with a short and simple warm-up in "low impact" style. This is followed by a variety of exercises for all the main muscle groups using your own body weight and equipment such as bodybars (barbells), dumbbells or therabands/tubes, which can be used to vary the intensity. The lesson is rounded off with a stretching session.

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Step and Tone

Endurance and strengthening units on the Stepaerobic platform with different levels of demands regarding choreography and additional equipment. Very effective full-body exercise to strengthen and define the body and increase endurance.

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Schwinn Cycling

(Indoor cycling) The challenging cardiovascular and endurance training on bicycles that increases both the physical and mental health of the participants. In a group, cycling is guided by an instructor to groovy music.
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Is a motivating, joint-friendly group power training with barbells. It trains all the main muscle groups extensively and in a balanced way. PUMP shapes, strengths and defines. A resistance training programme with music that will inspire you.

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The whole body method according to J. Pilates brings the body into balance and strengthens it from the centre. Especially the deep-lying, small and usually softer muscle groups are addressed. You learn to optimise your Posture and to coordinate your daily movements. You focus your concentration on your body centre in order to increase your flexibility. This course is suitable for beginners as well as advanced students. The training includes Pilates exercises, relaxing techniques, breathing exercises and mobilisation.

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Catslideā„¢ is a functional and intensive training concept from Norway. Training with sliding mats has been used for a long time in elite sports. Several muscle groups are used at the same time, especially the stability of the body is promoted. This effectively trains the whole body and improves strength, flexibility and coordination.



Loop training, also called TRX, is a sporty whole-body training method using a rope and loop system. This involves using your own body weight as training resistance. It mainly trains the deep-lying, minor muscles that are close to the joint. All exercises on the loop trainer have a positive effect on intramuscular coordination or on the interaction of muscle groups and body stability, as the exercises always involve several joints that need to be strengthened. TRX is addressed to people who are already trained.